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\"How Real Estate Agents Are Overcoming Their Fears & Embracing A Stream Of Referrals, Listings, Sales and Commissions!\"

As pro-active Real estate Agent you know it can take between four to seven points of contact before people will trust you and that there\'s more to your Real Estate success than just mailing one letter.

"Are you in the 92% of Real Estate Agents who suffer this problem?"

The biggest fear Real Estate agent suffer is \'fear of rejection\'!

Fear of rejection see\'s you moving away from making that follow up call or making that phone call to a difficult client because you associate pain with it.

So, if cold calling, following up on prospects, asking for referrals and keeping in touch with previous sales clients are tasks you dread, using our professionally written Real Estate scripts, will make it effortless, easy and natural for you!

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\"What Successful Real Estate Agents Are Doing To Acquire More Commissions & Marketshare For Less Effort!\"

Want more time… sales… listings and a faster process to building relationships with new prospects while maintaining relationships with previous clients?

"Return On Your Time Is Your Most Precious Commodity!"

As a Real Estate Agent the demands on your time have never been greater. Meeting clients, following up on enquiries, maintaining previous client relationships, arranging inspections, marketing and communicating effectively are just some of what a normal day involves for you.

If you\'d like to set a huge slice of your marketing strategy and communications on automatic and get away from writing and mailing letters that bring little or no results our professional Real Estate letters library is something you should not be without!

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Real Estate Letters and Scripts!

"I used to spend a lot of time writing all kinds of letters that went to prospects and clients. Now I just select the Real
Estate letter I need, print and mail it."

"Plus when I follow up using the phone scripts after I\'ve mailed the letter, my conversion, close rates and commissions nearly double.
Fantastic and money well spent! Thank you!"

Susan Merely, Sydney, NSW

"I\'ve been in Real Estate for over 25 years and these letters are the best I\'ve ever used, because they get the sales results I want."

John Birmingham, Vic

"These letters are great and relevant to today\'s current Real estate market trends. I know I\'m getting results and my clients love the letters too."

Mary Cooper, Qld

"Thanks for the Real Estate letters. I\'ve been using and mailing them for 3 weeks now to new and existing clients and they are working a treat, even in this tough economic climate! Many thanks!"

Justin Beetham, Sydney